Wednesday, October 6, 2010

poor Jason!

Jason plays basketball every wednesday night with some guys from church.  he regularly comes home with bruises, road rash, and stories of fouls, rough play and fun.  tonight he was late.  not too late for me to be worried, but late enough for me to be ready for bed.  i got a call.  immediately i thought, "this can't be good." it wasn't.  he said, "can you meet me at the ER i think i broke my leg."  i asked him some questions, and he started to lose it, i could tell he was in pain.  (though i was still expecting a sprained ankle."  have i ever mentioned how much i LOVE my neighbors!  i didn't even stop to think before dialing my neighbor Mary at 11pm to ask her to babysit.  and she didn't seem to hesitate before coming right over!  as soon as i saw Jason, i knew his leg was broken.  he was in the back of an SUV on a church table used as a stretcher.  he couldn't move, and his leg was in an unnatural position.  it was a long night in the ER when they finally admitted him and scheduled a surgery. the next day, he had a rod placed on the tibia where it had fractured in several places.  he also had a fracture on the fibula, but that one was clean, so it didn't need any pins, etc.  he did not tolerate anesthesia very well and had a rough night.  but over the next few days he improved dramatically and i took him home.  he'll be off the leg completely for about 3 months!  we are all adjusting. 

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