Monday, October 11, 2010

good night one year old girl!

as an afterthought to a very crazy week, i grabbed the camera to catch the last night of my baby's 2nd year. 
something about these little snapshots makes me so happy.  the normalcy of another night of baths, teeth brushing, prayers, stories and bedtime kisses, just warms my heart for some reason. 
goodnight Avery!  tomorrow you will wake up a big two year old.  finally, the age you've been claiming since you could talk.  sure, you'd say "one" if i begged and pleaded, but you preferred to say "two" laughing at the joke of lying about your age.  you are silly, we all love your jokes!  see you in the morning!

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Kelly said...

Our Baby's are 2! Avery is such a cute girl. She looks like she will be tall. :) Talan got skimped on his 2nd bday too, cause I was sick! It must be a 2nd bday thing. :)