Saturday, October 30, 2010

halloween.....part III....oh yeah, we know how to party!!!

for this round of our halloween extravaganza we had a neighborhood party.  our neighbor michele planned a doozy, compete with bounce house, carnival games and cotton candy machine!

 Madeline and Parker, BFF.
 the cotton candy machine was a hit.  i was sad not to be able to eat any.  my favorite foods have not been appetizing to me lately:(

 Avery had a little bit of a sugar overload, she was DONE by the end of the party.
 Anna found a good balance between candy and the 3 apples she got while bobbing for apples.  Happy Halloween!

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erinTphotography said...

Shut the front door! These are too cute. Karah had to be that same princess, haha. But Southern Bell and the little Octopus, out of control cuteness!!!