Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Madeline's first day of school!

Madeline had her first day of school today.  she followed in her sister's footsteps by going to Apples to Zebras in Chandler.  she even had the same teachers, Miss Christina and Mr. David.  Anna prepped her for days telling her how funny Mr. David is.  she agrees.  Madeline brought her baby blanket to share:
after school we had our typical moment at the gazebo to talk about our day.  Anna surprised Maddie with her favorite donut/McDonald's snack duo.

Anna was such a big girl, giving Maddie lots of advice.  Madeline was thrilled to give us the run down of all her doings.  everyone felt how soft her blankie was, they listened to music during snack, there's a girl named Anna in her class, and Mr. David is VERY funny.  he says things like "good morning kids," and "let's have snack."  hilarious stuff. 
Avery will be ready and willing to attend preschool next year. and Maddie will be more than willing to show her the ropes.
happy first day of school Madeline.  you are such a good student, listening and obeying.  your teacher tells me you are a bit of a class clown, getting attention through jokes and silly sounds.  this gives me pause, we'll have to work on that one.  i'm so glad to hear you sing the songs your learning, and love all the crafts you bring home!  you're a big school girl now.

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