Friday, October 16, 2009

fun photo friday!

so, i love taking pictures! i've had my camera for almost a year now, and i have so much fun with it. recently though, i'vd decided that my most frequent subjects: my wonderfully beautiful children, don't necessarily help me improve my skills.


let me explain. as mentioned above, my children are incredibly beautiful. or, that's how i see it. so that makes me nonobjective when it comes to photographs of them. i just think every photo i take is awesome. so, in an effort to improve my skills, i am imploring you - the blog audience - to allow me to photograph your little youngsters...or oldsters...or families...or just you....whatever. i need some fresh models. any takers? just email me at britainearl{at}yahoo{dot}com.


Carroll Family said...

LOVe that Anna!!! I'll take ya! Anytime you need someone, just let me know!

Kari said...

Hey Britty! You can photag my kiddos any time! I always love new pics of my kids to play around with. So, let me know. This sounds fun!

Mikayla said...

Oooooooo! Me! Me! Me! Haha Just Kidding! I would love for you to take my picture but I am not sure that you would want this Oldster as your model! :)

Sj said...

You can photograph my pack anytime! What kind of camera are you using??