Friday, October 30, 2009

this is halloween

so, i have to send huge THANK YOUS to my dear friend Tonya, who graciously lent me her 3 little fairy costumes for Halloween. ever since last year, when she posted pics of her little cuties, i have known i wanted to copy her. i feel like i'm always copying her. the birth of her first child Ella, in no small way prompted me to have our first child Anna. then i just kept on having girl after girl right along with her. she inspired me to sew, her creativity and ambitions encourages me to let my creativity flow. so when i asked her how to make the darling hats, she blew me away with the offer to borrow the whole kit and caboodle! she said, "of course i understand that might take the fun out of making them yourself." to which i replied, "hahahahahahahahaha." you see, i do not believe in reinventing the wheel, why would i even try to improve on anything Tonya has done. that's just silly. so, this was my attempt at a photo shoot to showcase my sweet little fairies.


it all started alright. sure, wrangling 3 little girls into dress, hat, cape, and wings, hauling a chair into the middle of a grapefruit tree grove, hauling said girls (who won't step on weeds) to said grove, caused me some grief. but i whipped out a few shots and thought things were going well. i was wrong.


Merryweather was not feeling it.


off came the hat.


that's okay i guess.


no one really wants to look at me. i can work with that.


this is artistic, right?


now Fauna gets antsy!


so, i went with this "implied" version of 3 fairies.


finally, it's just me and Flora. mind you, i've hiked back to the car twice to get the two naughty little fairies "out of the weeds". stripped of their costumes they are strapped in their car seats whining and crying as i attempted to salvage a little something from my investment of time.


my first born indulges me for a moment before complaining that her wings hurt...


and her cape is itchy!


i try to maneuver to some of the places i wanted to try earlier.


but we're done! and you know what, you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit!

Thank you Tonya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Carroll Family said...

This is WAY cute!!!!!!!! I wish I had thought of that for my 3 girls in a row!

Brenda said...

Haha. I love your tenacity! Is that spelled right? What we go through for cute pics...

The Farrell Family said...

Such a cute idea! Your girls are darling!

Sharone said...

Oh. my. word. Britain, your little girls are living out a childhood fantasy of mine...they are indescribably cute, I don't know what to say. Cutest kids, ever.

Clint & Janet said...

Oh the girls look so adorable!! I know you hear that all the time but they are so precious and the costumes--I have never seen this idea before. I hope I see them tonight. Merriweather was always my favorite, but don't tell the girls.

Tonya said...

oh fun to see your little 3 angels dressed up like this! I am so glad that we could share them with you...

Happy halloween...

ps. love your new are so can do anything and look fab-u-lous!



SP said...

Britian I love it the girls look too cute! now I really know I am not the only one behind the camera going a little crazy trying to make everyone on the other side of the camera not so crazy LOL! So now that the holiday is over lets get the families together- we'll plan something soon- Shauwn has a few job options so I think once that is settled let's do it