Thursday, May 20, 2010

Anna graduates (again)

it was Anna's last day at Apples to Zebras. so, they had the most adorable Spring themed program. i loved watching 30 kids "whistling" must upload video. Anna was very proud of her accomplishments. as were we!Madeline can't wait for the fall, when she gets to go to Apples to Zebras school. but she's still unsure about Anna not being there. it's so rare i'm in front of the camera. even though i can't say i love to look at myself, i love to see me with the girls. i mean, i'm with them all the time and yet there are so few photos of us together. Anna loves Miss Christina. she had so much fun learning and especially crafting! there was a veritable smorgasbord of cupcakes after the program. the girls dug in. messes were made.

Anna, what a fun time. we love to see how you have learned and grown over the last little while. you are really becoming such a big girl! and such a good sister. we love you!

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