Friday, May 14, 2010

Dr. Beardsley!

while in California, we were so happy to celebrate the graduation of my brother Barrett from USC Dental School. being with my family is always a party, but especially so when there's something so momentous to celebrate! not only is he a dentist, but he's an employed dentist. that's right, in just a few short days, my brother reports to his new boss, Uncle Sam. he's a Captain in the US army, and will be stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington State. here's Captain Beardsley, DDS receiving his diploma, getting hooded, and looking downright tough!
the ceremony was a looooooong one. someone may have said, and it may or may not have been me, "why does everyone forget how much they hate graduation speeches when they're asked to give one?" it was a marathon keeping 5 kids 5 and under entertained during a 2 hour commencement. luckily, it was heavily shaded, all other graduations i've been to i've baked in the summer sun. anyway, good thing Aunt Corby was on hand for a cuddle or two. and the ever popular Gramps.

Avery, who also goes by her self-dubbed nick name YaYa, is really into high fives lately. here she is slapping her dad one after a solid assist with her shades.

we are going to have to make a serious attempt at getting to WA as often as possible, because these cousins are best of friends.

my girls:

Barrett and Autumns (for now, they will have a new baby boy this August!):

my parents were rightfully proud. it was mentioned that they now have 3 children and a daughter in law with doctorates and one child with a Masters (okay perhaps i mentioned it once or twice) no pressure Corb and Coll.
so at dinner, Barrett gave a little speech to his kids, letting them know their mother was the first parent to have a doctorate, even though she's never used it while she's taken care of them and enabled him to get through school. he even had her diploma framed. so, on top of being an awesome husband, and stalwart dad, my brother is a fantastic uncle. he is equal parts fun (a necessity for the kids) but not without discipline (something i can totally appreciate. my kids genuinely love him, which puts a big smile on my face.
on top of our whole family plus spouses and a boyfriend, we had 2 aunts and an uncle come to graduation, with more family meeting up late for dessert! talk about a party!
i love this pic because my brother-in-law looks like a rock star at a graduation, oh wait, he is a rock star at a graduation! you rock Ian!!!
i thought this family pic was funny because only my sisters and I are looking at the camera. it's like we have the same brain. "hello? is"
my mom and her siblings are great examples of love. they always try to be at big events. i think they almost always make it to a wedding for sure. i never realized other families weren't like this. i'm glad they've taught us appreciation for our siblings. i love my aunts and uncles!
it was a quick trip, but Disneyland? a graduation? it was a full trip! can't wait to go back.

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megh said...

looks like you guys had a blast! yay for barrett! and we would LOVE if you would come to washington as often as possible because we are only two hours away from lovely ft. lewis (along with don and ash). i see lots of huge, fun family parties in store when you do come. all of the kids would have so much fun together! thanks for the fun pictures!