Thursday, May 13, 2010

a dream come true....Disneyland!

and i'm not talking about the kids' dream! i LOVE Disneyland! i the sights, the sounds, the smells, the whole feeling of being in the happiest place on Earth. it's truly a delight in every way. i've been dying to take the kids, but holding off until we thought they were old enough. i think we picked the perfect moment! Anna has always been a little timid. i think (wait, i know) in years passed she would have been scared to ride many rides, and terrified of the characters. and Madeline, though a little more brave, still had that shyness as well. but Avery is a little dare devil! so, she was ready for all Disneyland had to offer!
i'm so glad those fears have been summarily put to rest. i love the joy in these eyes:

it may not look like it here, but these girls loved Small World. they have been singing it ever since!
Jason was completely hilarious about the Tea Cups. he insisted that they made him sick and he would not be riding with us. but after waiting in line and seeing that some didn't go as fast as others, i was able to assure him that we would not be spinning it fast. in fact, i promised to let the girls do it. so, reluctantly he rode. afterward he said, "i guess i can only remember going on with a bunch of teenage boys." this amused me.

i haven't been since they put all the characters in their various "stations." i was happy to know that the girls were guaranteed to see princesses and the like (but for another wait in line.) but i was a little sad thinking that there were no more spontaneous sightings of your favorite characters as you cruised the park. luckily, i was wrong. now there's both! as i said, Anna has only recently gotten over a very real fear of oversized plastic/foam versions of her favorite cartoons. so, we were hoping she would dig seeing Mickey and Minnie. she did. she was so star-struck, it was hilarious! after going through Mickey's house and waiting forever to actually lay eyes on him. she sort of studdered up to him and gave a awkward grin (pictured below). after we snapped some pics and were ushered out, she looked at me in disbelief and said, "did i just me THE Mickey Mouse?" nearly the same responses happened with every character we saw. after we met Minnie she said, "how nice of Minnie to invite me into her home." pure comedy!
at one point we headed over to Pixie Hollow, but bailed when we waited for 45 minutes never moving closer. so for the princesses we came up with a game plan. we went right before they were set to close. bingo, we got in in less than 30! now, this was the bees knees as far as the girls were concerned, the best part of the trip!
when we heard we'd be meeting Ariel, i was a little concerned because when she was getting ready Madeline said, "if i see Ariel today, i'll show her my underwear!" (whe was wearing Little Mermaid undies. but luckily, whe was to star-struck to say much of anything. once we were finished with the princesses, Maddie said, "oh, i forgot to tell them i like their movies!"
Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, and Captain Hook were all characters we were lucky enough to catch around the park.

by the end of the day, we were all happy and exhausted. it was kind of funny, we met my Aunt Lori at the park when we were getting in and she brought us an extra stroller "just in case." we politely accepted, unable to conceive of Anna really needing to ride in a stroller at nearly 5 years old. well, let's just say we learned out lesson and are grateful to family with wisdom beyond our own! oh happy day, i LOVE Disneyland!!!!!!!

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