Saturday, May 1, 2010

let's go fly a kite!

i love kites! so i was thrilled to buy some for my kids and let the magic unfold. we did this for hours! it was extra fun since Mary Poppins has been getting some love at our house lately!
it's always a good idea to have 3 of everything, but sometimes kids need to share. it can be a little tricky though.
these are looks of pure joy and amazement:

but then, the inevitable happened. frankly, i was quite surprised it didn't happen earlier.
these are the slumped shoulders of a girl whose kite is stuck on the roof.
try as he might, Daddy could not get the kite down. Anna was a good sport though, and really changed her attitude on sharing once we were down to only Madeline's kite.....hmm, funny how that works!

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Corbynn said...

this is too cute! i love the contrast in their faces before and after the kite crashes!! love you guys!!