Saturday, May 15, 2010

golfing with Dad

Anna is quite taken with Daddy's new sport. they hit balls in the yard at least twice a week. and she's even hit the driving range a couple of times. today she was wearing this fun hat, but obviously, "it's not a golfing hat!"Anna carefully sets up each shot when she's teeing up.

the other girls like to play too, but Anna is the one whose really "into" the game.
i love this series of shots because Jason was soooo excited to see how it turned out. his face is like a signal, "get this shot of me dropping all the balls."

and don't forget Nalu, she love going out with everyone as well.

all that hard work and determination when teeing up pays off. Anna has some great shots. and daddy is seeing improvement as well.
he got a whole in one in his practice net!

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