Saturday, May 8, 2010

mother's day

we had a wonderful mother's day. Anna sang with the primary children at church. i got a chocolate bar, a nap and 2 beautiful bouquets. one of sweet smelling red roses. and one of sweet little handmade goodness. i love the handprints that Avery and Madeline made in nursery. what a cute idea! and Anna's present from school was the photo and card she made. i had to produce a photo of the 2 of us together, and sadly all i had (printed) was one from when i was pregnant with Avery. i must update my printed photos! what a crazy day and age we live in when our whole lives are online. anyway, it was a very fun mother's day, even though it was our first without any grandmas. my we were coming to CA in a few days so we caught up with my mom, but Granma Colleen is serving a mission for out church so we won't see her for 6 months! we miss you and love you grandmas!!!

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