Friday, September 21, 2012

a decade

 can you believe we've been married for a decade?  it seems like such a long time and such a shot time all at once!  for our anniversary Jason surprised me with a trip to Santa Barbara.  (well, it started as a surprise but as he tried to plan he realize he needed help knowing where to go, so he told me.  but i was surprised.  and then i got to plan the trip myself which was awesome.)

so we drove to my parents, dropped off the kids, swapped our mini-van for my dad's car and headed up the coast!  and it was pure heaven.  i always hesitate before claiming that Santa Barbara is my favorite place on Earth.  because, the Earth is a big place, and there are so many amazing places.  but, after a 9 year absence, my heart has grown fonder!  i was so lucky to go to school here!

we spent the first day on campus and in isla vista.  i warned Jason that we would do a lot of walking.  and i didn't lie.  we walked campus, we walked to Sands.  we walked everywhere and i almost never stopped telling him stories about when i did this and that.  we walked to pi phi, but it was rush week and it looked like     everyone was getting ready for pref night, so we didn't go in.  wow, everything has changed a lot, but still stayed the same.  it was surreal, and super fun.

we spent the evening downtown and ate a lovely italian dinner and walked in the ocean breeze.  i was loving it.  the next morning, i woke up early and ran 10 miles from Goleta beach, all the way through IV and then some, and back again.  it was cathartic in a way because i would have never done something like that when i was 20, but at 36 i killed it!  it kind of made me realize how far i've come.

we spent the day shopping, sightseeing, eating, and driving through Montecito, etc.  we did something i've never done before and drove nearly all the way up the canyon.  i've never seen that view before.  these are the only pictures i took the whole weekend!  i was having too much fun to stop and compose photos.

we also got to stop in and see my dear friend Joanna and her newest addition to her trio of girls.  they live in a beautiful part of Goleta and it made me want to move.  

the whole weekend was just perfection.  (it was a little crowded due to freshman move in and the breast cancer 3 day being in town.)  but it was actually kind of exciting being on campus during move in, it was like a second wave of nostalgia.  it seems like yesterday, i was one of those freshman. 
i can't believe we've been married for 10 years.  in a way, i can't even remember life before you were in it.  i wouldn't be complete without you. i feel incredibly blessed that the cute younger guy i had a crush on, turned into this incredibly wonderful husband and father.  everyday you amaze and inspire me. if i could harness half your energy it would be life altering.  you are my rock and the backbone of our family.  i love you, and can't wait for 10 more years.  and then 10 more, and 10 more, okay, we'll just keep it up for eternity!
all my love, 

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