Sunday, September 9, 2012

i took some kids to Washington

in order to witness and celebrate Henry's baptism, i loaded up Anna and Colin and we headed to Washington.  we met Aunt Corby at the airport and headed to Olympia.  it was kind of a fun challenge coordinating my travel plans with Corbynn from Chicago.  without her, i could not have gotten to Olympia, so thanks Corb.  i got to get about 5 minutes of driving in, since Corb is not 25, I drove from the rental agency to the road.  bahahaha!  freedom!

the trip was short, but sweet so we made the most of our cousin time hitting the parks big time.  Charlie and Colin are so adorable together, i can't wait to watch them grow!

i caught this ruthless pirate forcing these damsels to walk the plank.  

the kids and i could not get over the beauty of the nature in Washington.  Anna is dying to move there, and Colin could not stop pointing and saying, "tree, tree."  and i couldn't stop snapping photos of all the GREEN and foliage. 

Colin is 9 months younger than Charlie and 9 months older than Violet.  it's so cute watching him float between hanging with the big boy and playing with the baby.  

since Barrett works for the US government.  he gets every other friday off.  lucky for us. 

have i mentioned my sister in law is the cutest, most well dressed mom.  i can't say i'm not jealous of her postpartom body. 
do you think these kids were in heaven with cousins and grandparents too!  i love how the girls are running to the park, and Charlie is running to grandpa.  

Laine was so happy to have Anna there, they just girl-ed it up all weekend, doing all things pony, littlest pet shop, make up, hair and fashion.  

i need to call Barrett and ask where we were here, but it was somewhere on the Olympic peninsula, and it was amazingly gorgeous. 

i wish Madeline and Avery were here for this cousin shot!  

i think these boys could have thrown rocks all day.  Colin thinks Charlie is about the greatest guy ever, so he matched him rock for rock.  

Anna had a blast combing the beach for treasures and exploring with Henry.  

she found these blackberries and  was so excited.  Barrett told us that they grow everywhere and there's a hotline you can call to have the "weeds" removed.  i was wishing they could just have them relocated to my garden.  i would gladly prune these weeds.  
these are some great men and boys,  

and how cute are these ladies.  
this is where my love affair with nature came to a pause.  hmm, not so excited about the prospect of poison oak.  

on Friday we hit Seattle and Bainbridge island.  it was a quick little trip since we had to get Austin from the airport,  but we packed in plenty of sights to see.  

this was delicious ice cream.  and a terrific bribe for keeping the kids going all day. 

so long to Seattle.  it was kind of a bummer not being able to drive, because i was at the mercy of everyone else's schedule.  i definitely need to bring the family back.  

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