Tuesday, September 25, 2012

camping portraits

so, since my portraits while camping were so successful last year, i planned some this this time also.  Colin has this completely adorable hat he inherited from Sawyer, and a shirt, jeans, a little sweatshirt/coat, it was the perfect ensemble i used to anchor everyone else's outfits.  

Madeline rocked it out in this brown couroroy dress and velvet blazer.  

 Avery was a perfect picture in her khaki dress and gray jacket.  
 striped tights and pink beret.  
 And Anna dressed up her neutrals with a huge flower and spunky boots.  

 i was loving everything about this photo op.  the light was gorgeous, the girls adorable.  
 there was just one problem.  Colin.  the boy who inspired it all,just wasn't having it.  he would absolutely not wear the ever important hat.  he wouldn't sit for a portrait of his own, he wouldn't join in the fun with the girls.  all he would do is sit and cry.  poor baby boy.  this is the only shot of all four kids.  
next time.  

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