Wednesday, September 5, 2012

student of the month!

so, in case you were wondering who was the very first Student of the Month for Madeline's class, i'm proud to say it was this girl:
 we were so happy to go to the school for the big flag ceremony celebrating the August students of the month.  Maddie was so proud!
 of course my camera died right after i took this last photo.  
here's what Maddie's teacher, Mrs. McGregor had to say:

"Madeline has consistently taken responsibility for her own learning.  She comes to class "ready to learn" and sets a positive example for her classmates  I can count on her to stay on task and participate in our lessons.  Keep up the great work!"


we are so proud of you!  you always try your hardest, and you love to follow the rules but still know how to shake things up with your great sense of humor!  Your dad and I could not be happier with the girl you are!  Congratulations on your accomplishment!


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