Monday, September 10, 2012

the baptism

the reason for our trip was that my sweet nephew turned eight and chose to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

as if Washington couldn't impress us anymore.  the church is located on a big green property growing wildflowers and wild berries.  
 um, how cute is this baby?
 Charlie is a daredevil.  he loves to jump off everything he can.  

 if you don't keep your eye on him, he'll jump anyway, and you'll be tackled.  

Anna came up to me looking like she had a sliced jugular.  but we soon found the culprit of this mess. 

remember those black berry bushes, well there were also blueberry bushes as well,  
 the kids were in heaven picking and eating the deliciousness right off the bushes. 
 i have two cousins that live in Oregon and drove up for the day to celebrate and visit with us.  it was so fun to see them and hang out with their sweet families.  

 here's the whole group of family that was there, my parents, 5 of their children, one spouse 6 of 8 grandchildren, and 2 nephews and their families.  looks like a pretty big crew right.  keep in mind were missing 1 brother, 4 spouses, 2 grand daughters, 19 nieces and nephews and their families.  yeah, i have a pretty big family!  it's pretty awesome!

Beardsleys, thank you for hosting us.  we have missed you terribly since you moved.  but since you chose such a gorgeous spot, we'll have to visit more! 


we are so proud of the decision you made to be baptized.  you are such a smart and nice boy, and an incredible example to your siblings and your cousins.  there'a a reason Heavenly Father chose you to be the first cousin.  he knew you would make great decisions and be a leader in our family.  

love, Aunt Britty 

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