Monday, September 24, 2012

camping, our favorite family activity

so, our favorite camping spot is covered in wild flowers and cows.  now, i've always had a thing for cows, so i always take a million pictures of them hanging around.  who could resist that face?
 the kids are so cute setting up the tent and their beds.  these two little cuddle bugs. 
and look at these  big girls gathering firewood and helping dad get the fire ring all set up.
 Bubba!  he is just too cute for words. 
 the girls brought notebooks, or as Anna called hers a "nacher journal."  they wrote down everything they saw.  Anna (because she is the only one who really has a good handle on writing) broke her notebook down into categories, "land, air, and water."  she wrote down all the animals and foliage she found in those places, with pictures.    
 potato lake is one of the most beautiful places.  of course the first time we were there the water was a lot higher and bluer.  but even since the water turned green and lowered, the little meadow has stayed to intriguing to us.  
 my little sweet maddie wanted a picture with me by the fire.  
 then i snapped one of all my loves!

super dad. 

 we were with our cousins, so we got a shot of our whole family.  
 Anna took here "nacher journal" very seriously.  
 here we are on top of the Mogollon rim.  the views are amazing.  we've considered camping here a few times, but the wind can really pick up, and sleeping in a tent with 4 kids can be hard enough.  
 look at these girls checking out the views.  

 i die, how amazing are these girls.  

 this is one of my favorite places in the world.  i have a fantasy wedding all planned out in this glen.  guests can stay in Strawberry and then take hummers up to the ceremony reception site.  seriously, call me if your interested.  in the meantime, we enjoyed the balance beam act these kids put on.  

 i love the passing of the flower!  so cute.  
 so, i totally brought adorable clothes to make portraits of the kids while we were up here.  that's for another post.  the portraits are so cute, but these snapshots say a thousand words too!

 now can you see why we call this guy Mr. Handsome?
 i think i could stay up here forever, sometimes we joke about living "off the grid".  buying a trailer and living off the land.  obviously, not going to happen, but it's fun to dream.  and speaking of dreams, here's my dreamy two men:
Colin loves his daddy time.  oh and his oreos, see the oreo crumbs on his mouth?  love these lover boys!

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