Sunday, September 30, 2012

back to the beach

so, we thought our last trip to the beach was going to be in August, but i had some photo sessions scheduled in Los Angeles, and they coincided with my dad's 60's birthday, so we made a trip out of it.  all of my siblings, came into town.  (except Collier of course) and my parents rented a beach house.  i really wished i wasn't working!  but, we made the most of our time for sure!  the kids got right to work digging, digging, digging in their weekend backyard.  
 while i was at the beach, i definitely snapped some pics of these cuties.  

 i love these shots, my generation of 3 sisters:
 my mom's generation of 3 sisters:
 and the next generation of 3 sisters:
 here's all nine of us!  not a bad looking group!
 we even got to see Sawyer before we left.  
so, i feel like a schmuck, i don't even have a picture with the birthday boy.  but in my defense, he was golfing and hanging with the boys a lot.  but seriously, i need  a picture with my dad, i think the last one i have is from my wedding!  

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!

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